Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time at Tangalooma Resort on Morton Island. We set sail from Brisbane on the first ferry over to the Island, soaking up the amazing Brisbane weather, even had to slap on the sunscreen!

We arrive and are handed boarding passes for our Whale watching cruise, 10 minutes later we are back on the water and heading out to open waters, within 20 minutes we spot the first plume of water from the whales also enjoining the spectacular Queensland day.

Before we know it, there is 2 Humpback whales in our sights, these mammals are by far the most amazing, and majestic, gentle creators I’ve ever witnessed…that was just the start! These 2 swam off quickly without putting on much of a show.

We spend Another 10 minutes cursing around the open waters and then we see them! 2 Humpbacks putting on a show, breaching up and splashing around like naughty kids having a great afternoon in the pool. These boys knew they were being watched and put of a show for a good 45 minutes before deciding they needed a rest and off they went.

Cruising back towards the Island and we were lucky enough to spot a Mother and her calf relaxing in the shallows around Tangalooma Resort, by far the biggest baby I’ve ever seen.