Back on the Island we went straight to Quad Biking, after a quick safety briefing we were off.

Up and over the sand dunes, we made our way up to the top of the island and had an amazing view out over the resort,  the ocean and stunning ships wrecks before making our way back down to ride along the beach.

We watched an amazing sunset while waiting for the dolphins to come in for their dinner, we line up and are all giving a fish to feed the dolphins, we walk into the water up to our knees, ourlittle girls is just waiting for her dinner, she is very gentle but scoffs the fish down in one gulp. We were feeding Tangles; we have just heard she is expecting a new little calf in the next few months.

Next up it’s our dinner time, we are taken to Fire & Stone Restaurant, a mix of exotic and spicy flavours of the Orient, the Asian Fusion menu is superb. Part of our dinner is served to us on a hot stone to cook ourselves.

After dinner we have enough time for a quick cocktail before its light out on our action packed day