Back on the Island we went straight to Quad Biking, after a quick safety briefing we were off.

Up and over the sand dunes, we made our way up to the top of the island and had an amazing view out over the resort,  the ocean and stunning ships wrecks before making our way back down to ride along the beach.

We watched an amazing sunset while waiting for the dolphins to come in for their dinner, we line up and are all giving a fish to feed the dolphins, we walk into the water up to our knees, ourlittle girls is just waiting for her dinner, she is very gentle but scoffs the fish down in one gulp. We were feeding Tangles; we have just heard she is expecting a new little calf in the next few months.

Next up it’s our dinner time, we are taken to Fire & Stone Restaurant, a mix of exotic and spicy flavours of the Orient, the Asian Fusion menu is superb. Part of our dinner is served to us on a hot stone to cook ourselves.

After dinner we have enough time for a quick cocktail before its light out on our action packed day


Thank you so much Ashlee. I really appreciate your great customer service! Such a quick turnaround. 
Fiona Stuart, Canada Holiday, August 2016

Excellent service Michael.
Maria Bell, AFCM, July 2016

Hello Michael, Just wanted to give you some feedback from our recent holiday in Central Australia. A fabulous experience! All bookings worked seamlessly with one exception. It was just a case of turning up and getting our names ticked off. All accommodation was excellent. The guide/drivers from AAT Kings were great people and very knowledgeable. The one downside was our flight home from Darwin with Jetstar which had to be cancelled due to the late arrival of the aircraft and the pilots exceeding their flying time. However Jetstar provided us with accommodation and flight later in the day and lets face it these things happen. All in all a tremendous holiday. If we were booking a similar holiday we would definately factor in a couple of rest days, as by the time we got home we were both tired. Thank you for all your efforts.
Alan and Coral Howard, Uluru to Kakadu, August 2016  


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to spend some time at Tangalooma Resort on Morton Island. We set sail from Brisbane on the first ferry over to the Island, soaking up the amazing Brisbane weather, even had to slap on the sunscreen!

We arrive and are handed boarding passes for our Whale watching cruise, 10 minutes later we are back on the water and heading out to open waters, within 20 minutes we spot the first plume of water from the whales also enjoining the spectacular Queensland day.

Before we know it, there is 2 Humpback whales in our sights, these mammals are by far the most amazing, and majestic, gentle creators I’ve ever witnessed…that was just the start! These 2 swam off quickly without putting on much of a show.

We spend Another 10 minutes cursing around the open waters and then we see them! 2 Humpbacks putting on a show, breaching up and splashing around like naughty kids having a great afternoon in the pool. These boys knew they were being watched and put of a show for a good 45 minutes before deciding they needed a rest and off they went.

Cruising back towards the Island and we were lucky enough to spot a Mother and her calf relaxing in the shallows around Tangalooma Resort, by far the biggest baby I’ve ever seen. 




Being the AUSTRALIAN Holiday Centre we thought it only fitting that we get in to the spirit of the Olympics and support our team in Rio. So the office had a mini makeover and is looking splendid in its Green and Gold. We have the Olympics playing on our TV to, so feel free to pop in and cheer along the Australian team with us.


Ashlee is always very helpful and has a lot of information to give you. Plenty of options. Always a delight to deal with.
Sue Holles, Own Itinerary, July 2016

Ashlee was extremely good. Very easy to talk to and very ready to do anything asked of her.
Stan Cowper, AFCM, August 2016


The AHC Sydney team were lucky to be invited to visit Townsville as guests of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music. This is a fabulous event and we are the official seller of packages for it. Over the past 4 years the numbers have grown substantially and we were excited to visit Townsville and experience AFCM for ourselves. We attended the Governors Gala and the Church Concert and really enjoyed it and were impressed with how well organised everything was. We had some free time on Saturday afternoon so we jumped on the SEALINK ferry and headed over to Magnetic Island. We picked up a fabulous Topless Rental Car which we nicknamed "The Barbie Car" and zoomed round the Island. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the pub in Horseshoe Bay and fed the Wallabies in Geoffrey Bay. Was fabulous in the middle of winter to be in such great weather. We had a fabulous time!



Ashlee Simpson attended the Helloworld Frontliners Conference this weekend in Brisbane. She was a nominee for the National Helloworld Associate Customer Service Hero Award. Unfortunately she didnt win the award but Im sure you will all agree that she looked stunning! Michael and Ashlee both picked up Platinum Sales Awards though which is fantastic!