Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an important component of any holiday and often, when travelling in Australia it is overlooked, forgotten or deemed unnecessary. However when booking one our holidays around Australia, we strongly recommend that you take a form of insurance to cover, amongst other things, cancellation due to unexpected illness, as some cancellation fees particularly for rail and air travel are very high. 
Over the past few years we have dealt with many different insurance companies, assisting clients to recover funds lost to cancellation fees or other reasons, and we recommend Covermore Travel Insurance, as they offer a very reputable and affordable policy, particularly for travellers over 60 years of age. Costs are determined based on your age (at the time of purchase of the policy) and the length of your holiday. Surcharges may also be applicable should you wish to be covered for pre existing medical conditions, in particular, cardiovascular disease or chronic lung disease. In this case, a separate Medical Declaration Form will need to be completed.

When should I take out Travel Insurance?

We recommend taking out travel insurance when you pay your deposit, as generally deposits are non-refundable and taking travel insurance at this stage will protect you from any losses that may be incurred if you have to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen medical circumstances.